Casein accounts for about 80% of the total protein in milk, and therefore is the main protein. It has a high biological value, which means it has all the essential amino acids necessary for all of your processes that require protein. They’re great for those who are into muscle and bodybuilding. Here are the 5 main benefits of Casein Protein:

1. Casein stays longer in the system

Casein has the unique ability to provide your bloodstream with a slow and steady flow of amino acids that could last for hours. Muscles may not be built overnight, but drinking a glass of casein-rich milk is the ideal protein to consume before you hit the bed. This way, it will be more helpful for you throughout the night, than any other protein option.

2. Casein gives better muscle gains

If you’re looking to build muscles quicker, casein may be important for your success. According to a research which took 36 males performing heavy resistance training, it was found that the group which consumed whey and casein combination significantly outperformed participants who were given a combination of whey, BCAAs, and glutamine supplement. During this study, it was found that whey and casein helps yield an increase in lean, fat-free mass.

3. Casein helps improve metabolic rate

Intake of casein helps improve your chances of muscle growth and fat loss. A study found multiplying casein intake by two and a half times helped achieve a higher metabolic rate while sleeping, and a better overall fat balance. It also had satiety levels that were 33% higher, which means by taking casein, one not only increased their odds for losing fat, but also do it on a fuller stomach.

4. Casein yields greater strength

Everyone who works out, wants to increase their strength. People usually use whey protein for quicker results when trying to gain strength. However, studies have shown that casein had double the effect when compared to whey when it came to legs, chest, and shoulder strength results. This may be due to casein’s anti-catabolic abilities.

5. Promote enamel erosion

Study conducted in the United Kingdom found that casein helped reduce or prevent the effects of enamel erosion. If you’re into drinking a lot of fruit juices, or can’t get over the soft drink habit, consider protecting your teeth by adding some casein protein to your diet.

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