Weight loss is a major issue for most people today. Everyone is extremely figure conscious. So if you want to shed the excess fat in your body, you should follow these five guidelines of weight loss.

1.Make a practical resolution

It is very essential that you make a proper commitment to yourself. The fact that you would cut down on the fatty foods and carbs, is completely your decision and you have to stick to it. No one can help you if you break your own resolutions. Make your own diet chart or consult a dietician. Don’t penalise yourself unnecessarily. You know your imitations the best; hence plan out all that you will be able to resist and all that you won't be able to. Keep a measure of all those foods that you would not be able to resist to keep a check on them too.

2.Increase physical exercise

You need to really enable yourself physically. Sitting idle at home is just not an option. You have to work yourself out to see to it that you are under constant physical exercise. The amount of exertion has to be controlled by the individual but one shouldn’t let themselves be idle. You could hit the gym or go jogging or go for brisk walks every day. This will surely bring your weight down.

3.Don’t over exert yourself

There is a tendency of overdoing oneself while trying to lose weight. If you exercise or exert yourself more than your limit, your body will become feeble and weak. You will not lose fat but become lethargic and will not be able to cope up with the daily pressures of life. It is of utmost importance that you exercise only that much that your body can take. You could take the help of an instructor when you are deciding how much to exercise in order to lose weight.

4.Enjoying healthier food

Most of us enjoy street or spicy food. Delicacies consist of a lot of carbs and fats. But to reduce weight these are exactly what you need to stop consuming. You have to start enjoying foods, which are low on calorie and relish healthier food. You should divert to a fruit salad rather than a custard or pudding. Once your taste buds are set to like these foods, your cravings for carbs will lessen and hence losing fat will be of great convenience.

5.Change in perspective is essential

Eating healthy food and exercising every day is not the only requisite for losing weight. You should also maintain a positive outlook towards life. Depression, stress and irregular lifestyle will not help you lose weight as the effects of healthy foods and exercise gets nullified. A regular timely life is required so that your body can respond to the exercise that has been done on the body.

If the above advice is followed diligently, then I am sure, you will lose weight significantly and within a very short period of time. You just need to be true to yourself and set rational restrictions for yourself to lose weight.