We bear the cross of weight loss more than we care to admit, looking surreptitiously at various options to whittle ourselves down to that elusive ideal weight. Many a weight-loss plans have been devised and rejected as just another failed attempt. Acai berries, the rich, purple palm fruit, have been in the spotlight not just because they are berries, though they are reason enough if you are a fan of berries, but also for their miraculous weight loss inducing abilities. Does it merit any weightage?

Let us shine some light on the facts about acai berries and weight loss.

Rich in Antioxidants

Acai berries are a good source of antioxidants. They help fight the free radicals that cause irreparable damage to cells that eventually lead to cancer and heart disease. It is no surprise since all berries are rich in antioxidants. It is believed that food rich in antioxidants help weight loss but if that is the case, the other berries have higher concentrations of antioxidants than acai berries and are much cheaper to lose weight without burning your pockets.

Not an Appetite Suppressant

A myth about the acai berries being a natural appetite suppressant has been doing the rounds fuelling the rumors about its effectiveness as a weight loss inducing product. It is just that – a baseless myth. If you eat considerably less after gorging on a grilled sandwich, you wouldn’t dare call it an appetite suppressant. You shouldn’t with acai berries either.

High in Calories

If there is one thing any self respecting weight loss enthusiast would be aware of, is this fact – foods high in calories do not assist weight loss. Infact, you hightail it out of their proximity at the slightest chance. Acai berries boast of high caloric and fat content compared to their berry counterparts, some acai preparations even more so.

Aids in Cholesterol Control

Acai berry is rich in fatty acids that help reduce LDL and raise the HDL cholesterol levels in the body. The acai pulp is known to have high levels of dietary fibre which again helps clear cholesterol through the stools. Additionally, the essential fats in acai help prevent excessive dryness of the skin by maintaining moisture. This does not however prove in any way that acai berries affect weight loss.

No Conclusive Evidence that Acai Berries aid Weight Loss

Despite its impressive list of natural goodness, nutrients, anti-aging properties, and effectiveness in combating life-threatening ailments, there is no conclusive evidence, or even studies that remotely suggest that acai berries are a weight loss agent.  Acai berry supplements flooding the market improve the general well-being of a person and is extremely effective in lots many things other than weight loss.

There is no perceivable direct connection between consumption of acai berries and weight loss. The debate is settled once and for all and it is time to move on to other effective methods of weight loss such as a healthy combination of diet, discipline and exercise.