Unlike the glamorous vitamins or other supplements in the dietary world, choline does not get nearly enough recognition, more so, when it comes to include it in a healthy diet system of our everyday life. What people still do not realize is that choline is absolutely vital for proper cellular growth and development in the body. In fact, many scientific studies have shown that if taken in moderation, choline has the potential to decrease risks of cancer and inflammation in individuals. Did you know, that the mothers’ breast milk consists of choline, which is important for the development of newborn babies?

Take a look at the following five ways by which you can add more choline to your diet without having to worry about it anymore!


Believe it or not, this basic dairy ingredient contains high levels of choline which is important for an individual’s basic cellular level development. Doctors encourage kids to start drinking milk from an early age because it consists, not just choline, but many more important nutrients that aid in brain and muscle development and formation. Try to stick to not pasteurized milk because any processing of milk, almost 80% of the minerals and vitamins are destroyed.


Eggs are another food that are rich in choline. One egg contains approximately 110 mg of choline. Over the years, eggs have become an important part in almost everybody’s diet and therefore, people have started to become aware of its properties. Doctors prescribe pregnant women to consume eggs, mostly organic ones from grass and grain fed chicken, on a daily basis. However, eggs do not have to be boring. You can scramble them, put them in cakes and pudding, have them sunny side up.


Three ounces of beef liver can provide you with 350 mg of choline. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?! Similarly, other forms of lean meat like chicken and turkey are also high in choline quotient. However, doctors cannot emphasize on the fact that all of the meat products that you consume, must be completely organic and should be thoroughly cleaned and cooked before consumption. In case, you do not like any meat product, you can opt for powdered meat capsules that are easily available in the market.

Nuts and Seeds

Flax seeds are all the rage right now. You can add them to just about anything because they contain high levels of choline. Other than that, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are also good. Peanuts and pistachios, when consumed in moderation, are also good sources of choline. In fact, two spoonful of peanuts butter consists of 20 mg of choline.


The easiest way to add more choline to your diet is by taking supplements, in case you are allergic to any of the above mentioned food objects. But be careful when taking supplements. Always consult your doctors especially if you are pregnant because not everyone required the same amount of choline for their bodies.