Herbal therapies and dietary supplements are generally considered as nutrient substitutes. However, certain precautions must be taken and always ensure that the patient gets the correct supplement. It is always the best remedy is to obtain all the necessary and required vitamins from the food consumed, even for the diabetes patients. Though diabetes patients tend to depend upon the supplements for their nutrient intake, the proper nutrient intake should be through the normal food eaten daily. Some of the alternatives diabetes treatment has been listed below:


This treatment provides relief for pain and as well as for neuropathy, which is the painful damage inflicted upon the nerves in diabetes patients.The process of acupuncture entails the process, wherein the practitioner places very thin needles on certain pressure points on the skin. It is exclaimed that the insertion of these very thin needles into the designated points induces the release of the bodies’ natural painkillers. 


This procedure ensures awareness about the body's response to pain and helps the patient to learn how to deal with this pain. Generally the technique teaches the patient how to relax and reduce stress by alternate therapy. One of the methods employed is Guilded Imagery. In this process the person is told to think about peaceful images like the ocean waves or the image of controlling or curing their disease of diabetes or any other chronic illness. The basic component of these images should be positivity so that they can ooze a calming effect.

Supplementary Diets

Chromium: Several studies have been conducted on the utility of adding chromium supplements in the diets of diabetes patients. These studies have helped to determine that these supplements may be helpful to control diabetes. Chromium is generally used to make the glucose tolerance factor, which aids the insulin to improve its action. But there being an absence of substantial proof and information regarding this supplement, the doctors generally doesn't recommend it.

Magnesium: Studies have been conducted with the use of this supplement in order to enhance the control of blood sugar in diabetes patients. This study was fueled by the fact that a deficiency of magnesium often results in insulin secretion abnormalities and other diabetes related complications.

Vanadium: This supplement is known for enhancing the sensitivity of the diabetes patient towards insulin. However, this supplement hasn't received any sort of recommendation yet.

Plant Food: Most of the plant foods are generally rich in its fiber content, which help to control the level of blood pressure in diabetes patients. Broccoli, okra, peas, sage and the consumption of some other plants help to control type 2 diabetes.

Weight Loss

Sometimes the body weight of the patient can be linked with his blood sugar level. Thereby controlling the body weight enables the patient concerned to control their blood sugar level. So these patients tend to turn to alternate therapies to control their weight, like: Camsogia Garcinia, Aristolochic Acid, transdermal system are employed to reduce appetite.