Simplistically, an antioxidant is “a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules”. It is a chemical reaction that involves loss of electrons to produce free radicals. Metabolic activity produces free oxygen (O) that can cause cell damage and speeds the process of skin aging, blood and bone health.  Antioxidants thus help to slow the process of skin aging. Naturally, it is found in green tea and plants rich in vitamin A and E.

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant supplement. This property makes the compound beneficial for the cardiovascular and immune system. It helps prevent cell damage. However, astaxanthin is most popular for its anti-aging properties. Also this is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative compound. Oxidative stress is the most common mechanism for aging. Therefore, the anti-oxidative protection mitigates the aging process and diminishes rate of aging.


Astaxanthin is available in seafood abundantly. However, most people in India being vegetarians, need to turn to these supplements that are both safe and effective. Astaxanthin is a pain reliever. It reduces the inflammatory compounds that cause chronic diseases. It works miracles in arthritis. It helps fight fatigue, improves muscle health and boosts energy levels. Astaxanthin also helps improve deteriorating vision due to age or diabetes. Being an antioxidant of very high potential, astaxanthin works miracles. It cleans the body of toxic compounds and helps rejuvenate skin cells. It works faster than green tea. In addition, it smoothens skin, keeps it moisturized and protects from UV rays, 65 times more effective than vitamin C.

Lycopene is naturally found in tomatoes and red fruits and vegetables. When absorbed from the intestine, lycopene accumulates in blood and tissues. Lycopene is available in tomatoes and watermelons predominantly. It is very useful for those people who spend long hours in the sun and experience prolonged exposure to sun rays. Field surveyors, architects and those who are into sports and swimming definitely need to take lycopene supplements periodically. Lycopene, like astaxanthin contains high levels of antioxidants. It will purify your body to give you a healthy firm glowing skin. It is a natural blood purifier. Recent studies have proved that lycopene in combination with other antioxidants and vitamins can help the chances of developing skin cancer due to its sunscreen abilities. It has been surveyed that men who have a higher proportion of lycopene in their bodies have 50% less chances of having heart attacks.


For proper skin health and for being toxic free on the inside, it is important to have a sufficient amount of antioxidants in your diet. However due to our busy lives it is not always possible to include so many fruits and vegetables also to make a record of the amount of antioxidants being consumed. This is when these supplements come handy. You can choose from a variety of products according to your requirements. However, always consider consulting a physician and doing a routine check up before you consume anything since some people may be allergic to some of these drugs. Just as some people are allergic to seafood.