We’ve heard this one sentence before.If you want to get rid of the extra flab there is only one way of getting proper results is eating healthy and a regular exercise regime. But no matter how many hours you put in, a simple saying such as this is not how you shift that extra, stubborn fat or flab. Yes that god awful fat that spills out over the top of your jeans (muffin top) or for guys its a beer belly. They simply ruin the look that you try to achieve.


Here are some tips to help you beat it the right way: slowly and steadily.


1. Physician’s advice

You may not have the money for a personal trainer but that is definitely not the end of the world for you. Talk to your physician or to a nutritionist because this will turn out to be a very good investment, with the right strategies that these experts provide you with depending on your body type. They speak from experience.


2. Busting that fat : Stop being picky

Set your goal and get down with it. Targeting your specific areas is not practical at all. Reducing just your belly fat or your thighs like quick and easy fixes just makes you look bloated and most of all it is impossible to achieve that.


3. Sweaty and hot

Cardio does wonders to your body fat, and yes it takes time and effort. Aerobic workouts or even simple cycling, running, even power walks help you to work up that sweat. The areas with the most fat always reduces first but its not wise to keep on expecting miracles everyday.

For those of us who have a bit of a heart problem can always consult an expert about a proper diet chart.


4. Weights

This definitely increases the strength of muscle tissues for a lean look. Combining with cardio, these routines will help you lose fat due to an increased metabolic rate. Those fat cells will start crying soon.


5. Toning alone is no good

Blind sit ups for a mere five minutes once every day will not make a difference for our tummy region. But if it is done in the right way along with hardcore crunches then the fat will melt away for that leaner look. Toning alone does not work. Burn your calories first. Pilates and yoga works just fine.

Most importantly an improvement on your posture will help you in your results.


6. Tweaking your diet

It doesn’t matter how much you pledge about sticking to your diet chart, binge eating is hard to get over. Slipping into happy hours is something which most of the times we can’t help. Gradually changing your eating habits is a good start because it helps us to cope with our urges. Maintain your biological clock no matter what. In the long run it helps you in proper digestion. Cut back on dairy and caffeine as it causes swelling in your stomach region.


7. Change in lifestyle

Stress causes a lot of damage to our bodies. The biggest issue with stress is how we relieve ourselves by finding comfort in comfort food(read junk food). Munching on salty and oily stuff listlessly in front of the telly or your laptop will not help you in fighting that bulge. Try to stay active with small sessions of exercise or stretching from time to time, say a few jumps during your commercials or dancing it out to music when you are alone. A healthy body needs a healthy mind as well.