Fibromyalgia is actually a medical state characterized by unceasing widespread ache and a sensitive and painful reaction to pressure. The symptoms are not limited to pain, leading to the application of the substitute term as fibromyalgia syndrome. Some other symptoms comprise of incapacitating fatigue, joint stiffness and sleep disturbance. A number of peoplealso report complexity with bowel, swallowing, bladder aberration, numbness and tingling, also cognitive dysfunction.

Fibromyalgia is habitually connected with psychiatric state of affairs such as depression, anxiety and stress-related disarray such as posttraumatic stress disorder.  But it could be noted that all patients of Fibromyalgia are not experiencing the same symptoms or difficulties. The exact cause of this is not known but studies confirmed that neurobiological, hereditary, psychosomatic and environmental factors are the main reason of this problem.

The Treatment

The reduction of pain from head to toe, caused due to Fibromyalgia is the principal goal of nearly all of the medications that the doctor would usually prescribe. It is worth mentioning that each drug works differently; while some are operating on the central nerve system, the others might work on muscles to reduce the pain. Apart from pain releasing treatment the medication are also targeting the problems like sleep disorder and also daytime fatigue, along with, bladder uneasiness, bowel, pain in jaws and migraine pain. In case of specific problems e. g. arthritis and peripheral neuropathy; the doctors will zero down their observation to these problems and target these areas in prescribing specific medicines.

Important issue that could be noted is that Best Treatments For Fibromyalgia can be given by treating the patient basis of individual symptoms, behavior and response of previous medications.or therapies.

Some brief ideas of treatment are as follows:


  • The idea of boosting the brain chemical could be the best option by selecting Serotonin and Norepinephrine, which will work simultaneously in the brain region and also in spinal cord that would toned down pain linked messages. The degree of medication can be settled as per the requirement of the patient and reactive symptoms.


  • Some anti-epileptic drugs e. g. Pregabalin and Gabapentrin are very useful in slowing down and minimize the motion of “hurting signals” that would be sent to brain, created by the muscles and tissues, and subsequently helping in reduction of Fibromyalgia pain. These kinds of medicines are also very helpful in sleep disorder problem.


  • Fibromyalgia patients are often seen with tight and knotted muscles that refuse to complete relax and eventually exaggerate the unbearable pain. Some muscle relaxation drugs, such as, Tizanidine or Cyclobenzaprine could of great help in relaxing the muscles.


  • Dopamine the pain releasing agent in brain is needed to be enhancement because the secretion of this agent is seemingly absent in case of Fibromyalgia patient, therefore, medicine like Pramepixole can be used to stimulate the brain for dopamine release.


  • Insomnia medicines, such as, Zolpidem, Eszipoclone or Trazodone could be tried on people, with sleep disorder, to reduce their agony and pain.


Other than these medications; drugs, related to muscle movement and anti fatigue, can be of great help in treatment of Fibromyalgia.