You want to work out to have a good physique? Don’t know whether to go for cardio or weights? Have no idea whatsoever of what is to be done? Well, you will have a complete knowledge after going through these lines. Working out can be divided into two general parts. Let’s go for a ride…

  • Chiseled physique

If you want a perfect body with all the cuts possible then you should always go for cardio and a minimal of weights as because the more you do cardio, you will gain more power and stamina which no weight is going to give you.

  • Pumped up physique

In case if you want a broad and bulky physique with no fat of course, you would need to have a lot weights exercises, whatever you do, whichever body part you target, you will have to lift a lot of weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of doing cardio-

1.You will gain a lot of stamina and core strength.
2.You will have a very good base for a broader physique.
3.Doing cardio also may gain you good shaped muscles which when worked out upon, transforms into good volumes of meat and muscles.
4.No side effects, you won’t gain weight exponentially.
5.It can’t get you a body like Arnold or Dennis wolf.
6.It can be done anywhere regardless of time or place
7.Moreover, cardio doesn’t have any other disadvantage

Advantages and disadvantages of doing weights-

1.The perfect body on which women of all age drool over can be achieved by doing weights.
2.Keeps you fresh all the time.
3.Makes you capable of lifting a lot of weights which might come in handy later on, in life.
4.Volume and bulked up physique which every guy fears and respects at the same time.
5.May need additional supplements for stamina related matters.
6.When done with it, maximum number of gym going workout freaks gains a lot of weight.
7.Must have proper apparatus and weights and cannot be done anywhere.

What should I do if I opt for weights?

For chest-

  • Bench press, dumbbell press, flies, butterfly, inclined and declined bench press, etc.

For deltoids and shoulders-

  • Side laterals, barbell shoulder press, dumbbell press, etc.

For arms-

  • Dumbbell triceps curls, push press, barbell lifts, pitcher curling, front barbell lifts for forearms, hammer curls, concentration curls, etc.

And for latissimus dorsi and legs you can go for chain pulley and squats, leg press, etc.

What are the things to be done when you do cardio?

You can do anything which make your muscles, expand. Chin-ups, parallel bars, chilling, pushups, skipping, dips, running, jogging, sit ups, leg rises, crunches, sprinting and even swimming falls under the cardio exercises. You can do as many sets you want and as many reps your body permits.


On a lighter note, men and women below 30 years of age can always go for both weights and cardio but after the 30 mark, it is better to calm down and continue doing cardio. So go and hit the gym!!