Menstruation is a sign of a good health and proper menstruation cycles in the child bearing age is an absolute necessity. Menstruation does not only make a woman fertile but acts as the underlying cause of keeping her health free from the onslaught of many diseases. But with age and anabolism, the fertility process also comes to an end and what follows is menopause.


Menopause normally occurs when the ovaries stop producing enough amount of estrogen required for the proper functioning of the menstrual cycle. The normal age of attaining menopause is between 45- 50 years. However, in some cases a woman undergoes much earlier than the normal estimated time and it is a source of unhappiness for many women. This is because not only a woman is worried about her child bearing capabilities but is also aware that with menopause will come several other health complications. Anomalies like early as well as late menopause are expected, but when the anomalies are severe then there may come a worrying factor. There are many factors underlying early menopause. If you do not want to suffer from early menopause, then address to these risk factors and get benefitted from a fruitful life.


One of the prime reasons behind early menopause is the genetics of a woman. Especially a woman gets the menstrual pattern of her mother or grandmother. So if they had early menopause, then your chances of having one also increases. However, this is just an assumption and cannot be true in every circumstance.

Lifestyle choices

There are studies which have shown that smoking also triggers an early menopause. Excess and heavy smoking over a prolonged time frame is most likely to cause early menstruation. The supposed reason is that smoking as its harmful effects attacks the estrogen levels in the body and decreases it which causes early menopause.

Ovarian operations

If you have had an operation where one or both of yours ovaries have been removed or your uterus has been removed, then you may be more susceptible to triggering off an early menopause. The surgical removal of these reproductive organs decreases the production of estrogen and hence acts as the main cause behind the start of early menopause.

Genetic syndromes

Some diseases caused due to the malfunctioning of genetics an also result in an early menopause. There are some women who have been suffering from a particular genetic disorder since their birth, known as Turner’s disease. In this disease, the girl child is born without one extra chromosome and hence it disrupts the proper functioning of the ovaries and results in early menopause.


Women, who take chemotherapy as well as radiation due to cancer, can also be subjected to early menopause. The harmful effects of the radiation lower the estrogen levels in the body and hence causes menopause. Sometimes even ovarian tissues are damaged.


Generally studies show that every few women get subjected to early menopause, but if you are worried about it then it would be advisable to consult your doctor. Only a doctor can check you up and report to you about the current condition of your health and whether you will undergo menopause or not.