If you are feeling down for weeks, months even for years then you are suffering from depression. It is a brain disorder which can be triggered by factors like some genetic characteristics, hormonal changes, stress, physical or mental illness, low self-esteem and many more. It is also caused by side-effects of certain drugs such as oral contraceptives, high blood pressure drugs, Accutane which is prescribed to treat severe acne, etc.

Here are certain facts about depression:

It is a real illness: Everyday of a person, suffering from depression, cannot possibly be ‘just another bad day’; it certainly means more than that. Sometimes people who suffer from depression are misunderstood as attention seekers but in reality they are equally unhealthy as any other person suffering from any other socially acceptable illness. Brain scans have revealed that there is a lower activity level in the frontal lobes of those with depression than those without depression. Just like any other illness you cannot snap out of it whenever you wish. It is a psychological malfunction and you would need medicines to get cured of it.

It is not limited to brain: Though in the initial stages it seems that depression only affects the chemical balance within our brain like change in psychomotor activity, trouble concentrating, having suicidal thoughts, etc., if it is left untreated more problems can arise such as stroke, respiratory problems, heart disease, trouble sleeping, decreased energy, lack of appetite and things can get even worse. Mind may be the root of depression but it affects whole of the body - mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

It comes uninvited: Rich, poor, black, white, man, woman - anybody can be the prey of depression. It has been seen that one in every six people go through depression at least once in their entire life. According to the World Health Organization, depression strikes 121 million people throughout the world. Most of us think that depressed people are freaks while the truth is people suffering from depression tend to hide their mental illness by putting on smile on their face whenever they are in public. It is a very common disease but there is no common cause.

People with depression can work normally: Depression doesn’t stop your brain from working. Even with depression, people could get unbounded success in their work like Oprah Winfrey, Billy Joel, J.K. Rowling, Angelina Jolie, Calvin Coolidge, Sir Winston Churchill, Terry Bradshaw, Eric Clapton, and lots more. Depressed people don’t necessarily mean negative people.

Hope: Losing hope is the last thing a depressed person should do. Medical science has reached new heights in the field of psychotherapy and Cognitive behavioral therapy. You should never get tired of the situations and keep on trying for the best.


Human brain is evolving every single moment into something more complex. As the complexity arises new problems with new solutions will emerge. Depression is one among the many fields whose study will reach new dimensions with existing facts becoming clearer with each new discovery.