Both herbal and Ayurvedic supplements have been in use since the pre-industrial era. They consist of plant ingredients and not any chemical compounds and are safe to consume because of their minimal or no side effects. These are used for a wide range of disorders or conditions, or can be used daily for a proper healthy lifestyle.


Some of the herbs like Gingko and Acai berries have high beneficial properties and are used largely all over the world. Gingko is used by Alzheimer’s patients and has shown promising results. Acai berries are well known weight loss ingredients. Other popular herbs include Ginseng, Ginger, and Garlic. Garlic is another popular herb that has proven to be quite substantial. It has anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties and can be used to cure cold and heart health.


Organic vitamins extracted from natural food sources are expensive but are proven to be beneficial in cases of allergies. Since they do not contain any additives of chemicals of sorts they can be considered safe.


Possible risks involved

The main problem with the herbal supplements is that they are not subjected to the same amount of testing as with the prescribed drugs.  If people with existing health problems who are undergoing prescribed medications take these supplements, the condition can turn very dangerous and even life threatening.

Also studies show that some herbs like the St.John’s Wort, supposedly used for depression and anxiety cases have major side effects like sexual dysfunction and dry mouth. Some reports indicate that Garlic causes blood to become thin and cause excessive bleeding in wounds.


Know the contents of the supplements before you use

It is important to have knowledge of the supplements you are taking. Almost every container carrying these supplements has general information about the material and sometimes also guidelines about using them imprinted on them. If you are unable to understand any of the instructions it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner.

Verifying the claims made by the Herbal supplements

You are responsible for your own safety and hence before taking these supplements you should gather information about them. Many manufacturers may make false claims in order to sell their product. You can always consult a physician near you. He should have a general idea about the contents and if it has any side effects on your body. If you are unable to find someone who can verify the quality of the product, you can contact the manufacturer. They always print their helpline numbers on the containers.

Some safety tips you should follow

1. Always read the instructions that come with the supplement before using them.

2. Contact your physician if you are unsure about using a supplement.

3. Monitor your daily intake of supplements. Taking too much can cause harmful effects.

4. Keep track of the supplements that are deemed unusable by health websites.

5. Be wary of manufacturers making fake claims and buy these supplements from a registered shop only.