Hair loss is a very normal and common crisis. Men are the worst affected but in a number of cases it can have an effect on women as well. Though thinning hair occurred due to simple aging or genetic factors, but other causes comprise of malnutrition, hormonal imbalances, pollution, certain allergies, and even physical or emotional strain.

How to get thick hair

In case hair is already thinning, one can use several actions to make it look voluminous. Few examples of what one can carry out to get the volume look thicker.Here are some tips to get shiny and voluminous hair while sitting at home.

1. Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is an age old practice that can facilitate the stimulation of the follicles and compose hair grow thicker. Ingredients that can help a scalp massage are as follows:


Fenugreek Seeds Tea.Saturate 2-3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in water for 8 to 10 hours to create a paste. This paste has to be applied on scalp and keep it for an hour and then clean it with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera. A massage with a paste of Aloe Vera and keeping it there on scalp for an hour before washing it with lukewarm water. Egg and Brandy can also be added to this paste.

Avocado. Paste made by mixing Mashed avocado with mashed banana could be used in same as the previous way.

Olive Oil. Massaging of the scalp, with high-quality olive oil, for half an hour prior to shampooing will make hair softer but stronger.

Flax Seed.  Two to three tablespoons of flax kernel can be soaked in water for five days and after that it is to be applied on scalp with a cotton ball for ten minutes before washing.

2. Hair Care

In market many hair care items are designed and available to maintain thick hair or enhancement of thinner hair. Some items and suggestions are as mentioned below:

Selection of Conditioner, Shampoo and Styling Products. 

One should avoid chemical based products and opt for more user friendly herbal and natural products.


Avoiding of Washing Hair Every Day.

Everyday washing of hairs can damage the growth and washing of scalp 3 to 4 times a week is more than sufficient.


Apply Essential Oil. 

Good quality herbal oil can be used (20 drops at a time) up to downwards for keeping healthy hair.


Be Patient and Gentle with Your Hair. 

Wide-tooth comb could be used to brush your hair, and take special care to avoid the brushing while the hair is wet.


Chemicals and Pollutants to be avoided. 

To protect from pollutants and chemicals one can use a cap to keep hair out of any formidable disturbance.


Avoid Heating the Hair. 

Blow dryers and straighteners or curling irons have to be avoided as these keep the hair dry and subject to brittleness.


Apply Egg Mask for Hair. 

Egg is the most popular and effective ingredient for hair care; 2-3 eggs could be battered and applied it on scalp before washing.


3. OTC Hair Growth Product

Different kinds of hair care and growth products are available but can be used carefully.

4. Healthy Diet

Healthy diet, especially vitamin B ingredients help the hair for better growth and shining.