Healthy, voluminous, shiny and thick hair is what we all work hard for. Isn’t it? Yes, we try a number of shampoos, serums, natural remedies and what not just to have a good looking hair. Healthy hair makes us look confident and stylish, it does make others say wow whenever they see your hair. To have that kind of hair, it is very important to maintain good amount of nutrients in your body.

Eat healthy for healthier hair         

The only secret to healthy, shiny, strong, thick and voluminous hair is taking proper diet regularly. Intake of healthy food gives nutrients to our body and so to our hair. So eating a variety of nutritional food, especially the protein rich foods would help you get the hair you have always dreamt of.

Eat protein rich diet

Protein is one of the building blocks of our body, it helps repair body cells and promotes cell growth. Protein is very important for the strengthening of hair. If you are eating protein rich food like meat, fish, fish oil etc. regularly then you will be blessed with shiny and strong hair.

Vitamin D is important too!

It is believed that Vitamin D activates hair growth. Vitamin D is generally found in the dairy foods like milk, butter, cheese etc. Also, sitting in the sun for a few minutes in the morning can help your body produce more of the Vitamin D. However, sitting in the Sun early in the morning is advised as exposure to harmful UV rays during the day time may give out negative effects.

Have some Iron and Zinc rich food

Eating food rich in iron and zinc helps hair follicles to grow. Pairing up food rich in iron and zinc together is suggested. Also, if you are eating iron rich food then ensure that you intake Vitamin C rich food too like lemons and oranges to improve the iron absorption in the body.

Eat Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, vitamin D and Vitamin B complex Biotin. Biotin is very essential for hair growth. If you do not like eggs, then you can go for natural biotin supplements.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for silky hair. So, if you want to have hydrated, smooth and silky hair, then either you can go for fish or natural omega-3 supplements.


Take care of these nutrients in your body and you will be able to enjoy healthier and shinier hair.