Today, cosmetic care has become a thriving industry. Men and women are always looking forward to healthy skin and hair. It is important in today’s corporate world to look your best and leave a lasting impression on other people. If you take care of yourself and enhance your beauty it will add weight to your words. Although it is very difficult to take care of your skin and hair in this busy schedule, you can always apply a few homemade packs while you are watching television and check your diet, include in it a few leafy vegetables and a few tonics and that will be enough.

Skincare is a huge part of the cosmetic industry today. Our stressed out life has thrown at us a huge number of skin problems like acne, pigmentation and sun tan. These problems can only be solved if you follow the regular cleansing, toning moisturizing regime. Choose a good face wash, a good toner and face cream according to your skin type. If you are not sure about your skin type make sure you consult an expert and choose your product accordingly. Your diet is very important for your skin. Apart from including protein and vitamins to your diet, you need to have enough minerals and antioxidants as well. Do not ignore your skin diseases. Sometimes skin damage can be the first signs of dreadful diseases like cancer. Make sure you don’t let sweat or pollution accumulate on your skin as they can lead to bacterial activity and cause inflammation. Periodically apply healthy face packs with beauty capsules mixed into them for a glowing rejuvenated skin. There are a variety of beauty capsules available that have no side effects.

Hair care: Hair for men and women alike has always been a concern.  Most people complain of having limp hair and those with very thick hair like other problems like dandruff, flakes and parasites. First and foremost, skincare experts always recommend that you should use cold to lukewarm water to rinse your hair even if it’s very cold. It is necessary to shampoo twice a week for women with long hair. However using too much shampoo even if it claims to be mild can be detrimental to the health of your hair, as it will lose its natural shine.  While choosing a hair oil be careful to chose only those that have vitamin E. That will help your hair grow stronger and faster. Men with a tendency for baldness should use the range of therapeutic oils that are very effective for enhancing hair growth. To ensure your hair has the volume it needs it is important to trim your hair periodically to reduce the chances of hair fall and damage. Instead of going for commercial chemical shampoos always try to choose herbal or medicated ones.


Clinics have sprung up that cater to skin and hair care needs. However if you take small precautions everyday you need not spend that much for a momentary look. Take care of your diet and everything else will fall in place. Remember that your body is a temple.