Everyday rush and the ever changing busy lives, stress is bound to take over at some point and it is normal. Stress on the other hand keeps you going; it pushes you to achieve your potential. However when stress affects our physical and mental well being it becomes unhealthy.


Stress may be associated to our body’s response to a particular situation. If you face a task that exceeds your current level of skills, your body undergoes some physical and mental changes. These changes include increase in blood pressure, heightened pulses, intensified breathing and a general lack of sleep also known as insomnia.


Stress leads to not one but many chronic disorders which includes some of the fatal heart diseases. Many people turn to Drug and alcohol abuse in order to cope up with daily stress. This not only breaks down your social relations but also your health too. Anxiety, Depression and fatigue are the most common mental symptoms of a stressed life.


Therefore removing stress from your lifestyle is important for you to be healthy both mentally and physically. A sound state of mind will help you achieve your potential.


Here are some tips for maintaining a stress free zone, some of which are given below.

1. Know when you are stressed

Being aware of the situations that make you stressful and avoiding them may be the easiest and best way to lead a stress free life. Know the common factors that trigger your anxiety.

2. Have some alone time

Take out some time from your schedule and spend it with yourself. Listen to some music, read some become, do anything that is calming and would help you refresh your mind.

3. Do exercises and meditation

Exercises are useful to maintain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Exercises are also an effective stress removal method.

Meditation improves your ability to concentrate and also relaxes your body as well as mind.

4. Therapies and Stress management sessions

Musical therapies and laughter therapies are becoming more and more popular as a stress reliever these days. Even Yoga and a massage can relieve much of your body stress.

Attending stress management courses or taking stress management classes is recommended by many doctors as a part of stress treatment.

5. Mange your schedule

The more hectic your schedule is, the more likely you are to be stressed. Reduce the number; keep only the work or commitments that you find are important. Schedule few things for each day and keep breaks in between. Breaks are important, it helps you relax and prepare for your next appointment.

6. One thing at a time

This means that when you are focusing on a work or a project like, if you are writing a report or sending an email, do only that. Remove any distractions that would cause your mind to flicker. It makes you concentrate and give your 100% to that specific work.