Pregnancy is one of the most crucial stages of a woman's life. It is a stage, which changes a women's life forever. Her body goes under a lot of change and she also has to deal with a lot emotionally. She has to prepare herself both physically and mentally for taking up the upcoming responsibility, as she has no way to abscond this responsibility. Here, we inform about Common Concerns of pregnancy that you should know while being pregnant.

Consumption of alcohol during: A woman should keep a check on her alcohol intake when she is pregnant. Excess consumption of alcohol affects the baby directly. The effect is significant and the baby might be born with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). There is no particular safe limit of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. It is best not to consume any alcohol during this period.

Smoking during pregnancy: A woman should also limit her tobacco consumption during this crucial stage of her life. Smoking during pregnancy might lead the baby to have problems in his development and behaviour. Other major concerns could be stillbirth, premature birth or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Constipation during pregnancy: You need not worry if you see that you are suffering from constipation during the early stages of pregnancy. This happens due to the various hormonal changes that go on in your body during this period. If you consume more of whole breads and cereals, drink plenty of water and avoid iron supplements, then you will get rid of this problem easily.

Cramps during pregnancy: this is a very common syndrome but very painful. Before taking painkillers, it is advised that you consult your doctor. To avoid these cramps, you could try exercising. Stretch and bend your foot energetically up and down for about 30 times. Also, try rotating your feet in a direction and then the opposite direction.


Fainting during pregnancy: If you feel faint during this time, do not freak out. This is due to the hormonal changes that your body is going through. Getting up slowly after lying down or sleeping will help you not to feel faint. This also helps you to keep greater balance on yourself.


Feeling hot during pregnancy: Increase of blood supply going to your skin increase during this time and you feel warmer. Wear loosely fitted clothes preferably of cotton and natural fibres to feel more comfortable. Take a bath frequently and keep the room you stay in cool. This will help you feel more relaxed.


Skin and hair changes during pregnancy: Hormonal changes in the body during this phase cause skin to darken in patches and hair growth increases too. Some of these changes are permanent while some revert to normal after childbirth.


These are common concerns that women face during this vital period of their life. The suggestions provided above if followed are sure to bring satisfying results.