Dietary supplements are one of the biggest bestsellers in the market today. Due to a media portrayal of the ideal woman figure being lean and slender, women pine for a slimmer body shape to appear desirable and alluring. The success of the dietary pill lies in its advertising scheme that apparently promises weight loss without the hassle of diets and exercises. Diet pills are available freely in the market today and claim to have a very high success rate.If your planing to lose weight and are confused between the myths and facts about weight loss then here are some weight loss supplements myths.  However, as with anything that you put in your body, you should have a clear idea about what is a myth and what is the reality. 

Myth 1

Diet pills are magical gateways to a slim figure. They can help you lose unwanted kilos even without exercise or the following of a strict diet.


Most diet pills overlook the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Advertisements would lead you to believe that popping a pill or two daily can lead you to your dream figure. While diet pills and supplements do aid in the process of losing weight, they are not alternatives for hitting the gym on a regular basis. Diet pills have compounds that simply improve the metabolism rate of your body. Exercise is the only thing that can efficiently aid in the removal of the excess fat that is often stored in various parts of the body.

Myth 2

You can eat anything while popping diet pills and they won’t put a dent in your figure or you can eat unhealthy food when you are on diet pills.


 Many diet pills have compounds that block the absorption of fats in your body. Diet pills work by suppressing appetite which makes people believe that the occasional indulgence in fatty fast foods is okay if one takes pills religiously. Dieticians state that ingesting fatty foods can be extremely detrimental while taking diet pills since most of the fat is not filtered through your body. The results can vary from a severe case of diarrhoea to constipation, stemming from the lack of fibres in diet pills which are important for the body to maintain normal body functions.

Myth 3

All diet pills are safe.


Most of the diet pills that are sold over the counter at supermarkets or grocery stores are not FDA approved. While choosing a diet pill be extremely sure to check the FDA approval of the product. In the US, more than 54% of the diet pill users had been taking pills that they believed to have been approved by the FDA without the products being rightfully approved.

Myth 4

Hoodia, bitter orange and green tea suppressants work wonders.


Hoodia has shown effects of appetite repressing in the study conducted on animals but researchers have stated that the effects of hoodia being replicated on humans is highly unlikely. Green tea suppressants have caffeine in them which can lead to high blood pressure and arrhythmia. Bitter Orange pills contain compounds similar to the drug ephedra and can cause high blood pressure.


As with everything else, diet pills also have a host of side-effects that you need to be aware of. Before choosing any supplements, you should consult a doctor for the side-effects.