“I told myself to stay calm, to be strong, and that i had no reason to think I wouldn’t live to see my grandchildren grow up and to meet my grandchildren”
-  Angelina Jolie. (after her double mastectomy)


Breast cancer is a disease which engulfs the lives of almost a million women per year. When carcinogenic lump, swollen lymph nodes or excessive bone pain is observed in either or both of the breasts, it could be cancer. Early detection can cure it, however many women lose their lives nonetheless. While Angelina Jolie, being a bearer of BRCA1 genes, opted for double mastectomy, breast cancer can be prevented naturally by following several guidelines:

It is better that you check your breasts quite regularly. If you find any abnormality in the slightest go in for an examination immediately. While mammograms are the known examination for breast cancer, sometimes mammograms may lead to confusing results depicting a false positive or even a false negative. So be wise go to a doctor who is trustworthy enough.
Nothing beats a healthy lifestyle. You might think people exercise to get skinny, but that’s not quite true. Losing weight is an added bonus of exercise. The main reason for working out is the achievement of a healthy body with a substantially diminished risk of diseases and stress. When you workout, endorphins are abundant making you feel zen, but old school calisthenics are your best friends. Not only do they ensure movement of lymph ensuring ample drainage in the breasts, but workouts like jumping jack, jump-ropes and even jumping on a trampoline or a good old run is extremely helpful in maintaining agility and detoxifying of the liver. It also helps increasing sleep levels and maintains blood sugar and insulin levels. So wear those shoes now and get moving!
You are what you eat. Nothing beats the truthfulness of this statement. If you are someone who indulges frequently in processed food or you are a heavy drinker, you might want to sit up and listen. Drinking alcohol might give you the high, but excessive consumption can lead to cancer which gives you the lowest low. So while you might enjoy the occasional wine, don’t make alcohol a part of your life. Supplements like vitamin D, selenium, vitamins C and A can bring down the risk several notches.
Take care of the liver. Your liver is easily the most important part of your body. It ensures detoxification from all harmful chemicals and chemical by-products that enter through nodes into our body. Detoxifying the liver would ensure the proper workings of the lymph nodes. Toxins from both food and environment might overburden our intrinsic detox systems and damage our cells.
So consume enough fibres and flax seeds and make sure you have a healthy gut. When you have a cleansed system, it immediately lessens several health hazards including probable cancer. Hence it is found women with chronic constipation are more prone to cancer cells because of the escalating impurities in their bodies. Still it might be feasible to abstain from over the counter chemical laxatives which not only makes you dependant but also any form of chemical is ultimately bad. Make sure you incorporate enough fruits and vegetables daily to be free from constipation.
Massage your breasts regularly to increase blood circulation and abstain from over usage of makeup or harsh anti-antiperspirants and other harsh chemicals. Opt for natural fabrics like cotton and refrain from dry cleaned clothes as much possible.

New mothers should definitely breast-feed her children as this substantially reduces the risks of breast cancer.