Pregnancy is the most vital part of a woman's life. Every woman wants to be a mother someday. She wants the best for her child. So that the baby and the mother are at their best health, it is necessary that the mother keeps herself nutritionally complete. The body during this period of time undergoes various changes.Here we will be talking about nutritional needs during pregnancy.

Healthy diet composition: During pregnancy, the mother needs higher amounts of minerals and vitamins. Have food that is low in empty calorie. That is, do not have food high on carbs. Avoid fried food, soft drinks, cheese, fatty meats, whole milk. Have foods that have no added sugars. Supplements of vitamins and minerals do not have the capability to replace a healthy diet. They will only help you boost a healthy body but never help your body if you do not follow a healthy diet.

Fat-free food: Foods that you should consume during this time should be preferably fat-free, low-fat or unsweetened. You should balance your diet in a way that you maintain these factors and at the same time cover all the minerals and vitamins that you require. This kind of diet needs to be maintained not only for the mother's health but also for a healthy baby.

Supplements: It is correct that supplements cannot replace a healthy diet, but most doctors suggest that women take prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement along with their regular diet. This ensures that both the mother and her baby get nutrients like iron and folic acid, which are important to both during this period. But you also need to take care that you don’t overdo your intake of supplements. Overdose will cause harm to both the baby and the mother.

In case of twins or triplets: If you are pregnant with more than one baby, then consult your doctor and get his advice on the quantity of various vitamins and minerals that you would need in this case. In case of any confusion, it is always advisable that you consult your doctor rather than taking any risks. These babies have been seen to have a greater risk of being born premature.

Effects of smoking and drinking: It is advised that pregnant women should not smoke or drink alcohol. This is harmful to the child and can cause serious effects on the child. It affects the development and behaviour of the child and many a times causes mental retardation and malformation. No specific amount of alcohol is safe enough not to cause damage. Alcohol and smoking are so harmful that they cause effects that permanently affect the child.


All mothers would want their babies to be healthy throughout their lives and for that, proper nutritional intake is necessary from the very early stages of pregnancy. You need to see to it that you give your baby the very best from the beginning and then both you and your baby will have a happy and healthy life ahead.