Nutritional supplements are used to increase the nutrient content of food or diet and may include vitamins, amino acids, herbal supplements, nutritional supplements used in sports and or bodybuilding supplements.

Use of Nutritional supplements covers a number of important grounds:

1. When added to daily meals, they increase the energy and nutritional value.

2.  They boost up the functioning of immune system and cures conditions related to aging.

3. They are used to improve athletic performance.

4. They are also taken during illness to maintain a health and helps in recovering.

Nutrient supplements come in variety of forms, which include pills, capsules and powder.

Should I take supplements?

There is an age old notion that supplements harm the general functioning of body. You probably don’t need a vitamin-mineral enriched supplement if you are eating a reasonably varied diet. On the other hand taking nutrient rich supplements does not cause weight gain or increase appetite. They simply make sure that your body gets the right amount of required nutrients along with a proper meal.

So the answer would be a yes. You can take certain nutritional supplements but taking them alone would cause major complications. A proper healthy meal is also essential along with these supplements.

Types of Nutritional Supplements

There are certain types of nutritional supplements that are listed below:

1. Vitamins

Vitamins are required by the body in lesser amounts. Their effectiveness decreases when the food is not cooked properly or not stored properly. Supplementation of vitamins is required for the treatment of health problems. A healthy person does not require vitamin supplements and if taken shows no evidence of benefit.

2. Minerals

Daily intake of minerals is essential for the basic metabolism. They can be required by the body in bulk amounts or in trace amounts. Supplemented minerals are bonded with proteins since they cannot be absorbed in elemental form by the body.

3. Herbs or Herbal supplements

Herbs or plant products have been in use since time immemorial. Herbal supplements provide for both nutritional and medicinal requirements. They are generally used to cure specific health conditions or can also be used for maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Sports / bodybuilding supplements

Nutritional supplements can also be used by athletes to increase their overall performance. These may include high protein or high amino acid content and help in providing bursts of energy, muscle recovery and aid in achieving higher potentials as an athlete. Supplemented nutrients in the form of sports drinks are becoming very popular.

Bodybuilding supplements induces muscle and weight gain and are used in place of meals.

They are usually sold as single nutrients or as a mixture of couple of supplements.

Recommended dosage

Dosage of the nutritional supplements varies according to the needs and type of the supplements being taken. However, consulting a nutritionist or reading the manufacturer’s guidelines and consumer information is recommended before the intake of these supplements. Over dosage of nutritional supplements may cause health issues.