It is not necessary to be a voracious eater, in order to gain weight. One might lose excessive weight over the strain of some major surgery, stress, digestive troubles, or due to an illness. So in order to overcome looking skinny, being underweight, you need not gobble anything and everything. Just having the proper amount of nutritious food and devoid of junk food is enough to maintain a healthy weight,here are some tips to put on weight the right way.

The Right Perspective

It would be no good to immediately change from skinny to flabby. So your main perspective should not be to just gain weight. It should be to gain the right amount of weight. The main aim should be to look good and remain healthy and functional. Appropriate steps must be taken for that. The progress should be monitored. If a significant rise in body fat occurs, then cut the amount of calorie intake. One must remember that slow gaining is the best. Drastic changes might result in accumulating a lot of fat instead of a proper body mass. 

Say No to Junk Food

The best way to put on weight the right way is by having large amount of nutritious food. Try to avoid junk food. Have foods which are rich in carbohydrates, protein and fat. Make sure that you don't intake a lot of food at once but have it over a period of time in intervals. Dry fruits, oats, fruits are some snacks which can be eaten at frequently at intervals. Liquids like original 100% juice, milk and alternatives and variants of milk are also helpful. They aren't as filling as solid food and helps too add nutrition. Try to replace some of the water intake with some sports drink and juices, which will help to boost the amount of calorie intake. Try to aim to have food from various food groups, this would provide a broader spectrum of nutrients.

The Right Exercise

Healthy weight gain can be stimulated by exercise. However, there are certain aspects of exercise which should be looked into. The wrong kind of exercise won’t help in any way to enhance the weight. They should be right. The volume and frequency also matters. So along with the right exercise with the right volume and frequency and nutritious healthy food can help to attain a healthy weight. Immediately before and after workout sessions, consume snacks which mix protein and carbs. It will help with the muscle building and replenish the level of glycogen.

Eat Before Going to Sleep

A lot of regeneration takes place in the body while sleeping. All the muscle and tissue building takes place while sleeping, thus having a healthy snack right before going to sleep helps to ensure that an ample supply of nutrients for the body. Also you should provide your body with ample amount of time for the regeneration. So you should get enough amounts of sleep and rest between the workouts. Otherwise no matter how much you work hard, you wouldn't gain weight.