When it comes to the intake or incorporation of vitamins in your diets, especially in the form of supplements, people make the basic mistake of assuming that all the vitamins are good for their bodies, and more often than not, they fall for the current fads and trends in the dietary world. But did you know that some of these may actually do you more harm than good? Well, it’s true.

Take a look below at the list of the top 5 vitamins you should avoid and the reasons to avoid them.


Over the years older women and men have been told by their physicians to consume calcium supplements and tablets because apparently, they help with the strengthening of bones and teeth, which, as we grow older, become weak. However, older bones have difficulty absorbing calcium and making it a part of their structure. Instead, they get absorbed into the walls of the arteries. As a result, the arterial walls become tough, leading to increased chances of strokes and other heart related diseases.

Vitamin C

It is true that Vitamin C is an important part of your diet, but on an average, an individual gets enough vitamin C in their diets. You can get your Vitamin C from any citrus products like the lemon, lime and other citrus foods. Therefore, there is absolutely no necessity to take additional Vitamin C supplements. This is because consumption of vitamin C in large quantities can lead to the formation of tiny stones in your kidneys. Also, quite recently, the myth that Vitamin C cured the common cold and cough, has been scientifically debunked by a team of researchers.

Soy Isolate

Soy isolate is a popular ingredient, which is mostly found in energy drinks, energy bars and even in capsule form. It has been favoured especially by athletes over the years. However, recently, doctors have warned individuals from consuming excess of soy isolate, especially after the age of fifty. This is so because it can lead to a heavy production of estrogen in the body, the female hormone. In men, there needs to be an even balance of hormone, especially after fifty since that is when the homeostasis of the body is disturbed. Then, increased levels of estrogen can cause gynecomastia, the formation of breasts.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important antioxidant and is an important part of a diet. It has also been highly valued for its anti-cancer properties. However, in a recent study by the National Cancer Institute, it has been discovered that regular or heavy smokers who take Vitamin A are more prone to getting lung cancer than the ones who don’t. Also, large quantities of Vitamin A can cause poisoning.

Magnesium Oxide

When doctors talk about incorporating magnesium in an individual’s diet, they end up taking magnesium oxide, which is not at all well absorbed or utilized by the body. Instead, it is always a better idea to take magnesium citrate because they are absorbed more easily, and help the blood pressure and other heart conditions.