There are no direct symptoms which could identify high blood pressure, but if let undiagnosed, it could lead to stroke, heart attack, aneurysms, loss of proper kidney function and a decline in the cognitive ability.High blood pressure or systolic pressure lists the top number as 140 and higher or a diastolic pressure and the bottom as 90 or higher. Though medication can offer relief upto a certain point, it has the added burden of a copious number of side effects like cramps, dizziness and often leads to insomania. There are certain lifestyle changes which can come handy in order to regulate high blood pressure.Blood pressure should be checked as frequently as possibly and should be regulated properly, here are some natural tips to reduce blood pressure.

Exercise Programs


Exercise aids the heart to use oxygen more efficiently and thus help to keep the blood pressure at a normal range. Brisk paced walks helps to lower the blood pressure around approximately 8 mmhg to over 6 mmhg. Half an hour of vigorous cardio workout also helps. Slow breathing practices, yoga and meditation also helps to reduce hormonal stress, which in turn is known for elevating the renin level, which is a kidney enzyme, known for its involvement in rising the blood pressure level. Doctors can also help to develop a healthy exercise program.

Healthy diet


A healthy diet can help to retain normal levels of blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables with a rich level of potassium in them, like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, peas, cantaloupes, raisins are some of the examples which help to retain normal blood pressure. The sodium level also matters. So it is best to reduce the sodium intake. The best way to do that would be to go easy on the salt-shaker and to season foods with herbs, spices, lemon and the bare minimum requirement of salt. Dark chocolate is known to contain flavanols which helps to make the blood vessels more elastic and thus decreases high blood pressure, with daily intake. Antioxidants dilates blood vessels and also regulate the normal pressure, thus one can also take up supplements for it.


Also, it is important to remember that the lesser amount of alcohol is consumed, more is the fall in the level of blood pressure. Caffeine too has the ability to raise the level of blood pressure but tightening the blood vessels and heightening the effects of stress levels, thus it is always effective to switch to decaf coffee. Herbal teas with contain hibiscus is also effective to regulate normal blood pressure. The phytochemicals present in the hibiscus helps to reduce the high blood pressure and bring it down to normal.

Watch the Weight


Blood pressure has the tendency to increase along with the increase in weight. The more weight is lost; the lower drops the blood pressure. Too much weight at the waistline increases the risk of higher blood pressure. The readings of the Body Mass Index helps the determine the risk for high blood pressure.