Vitamin C is the nutrient that is beneficial for our immune system as well as for good skin, hair and eyes. It is believed to be one of the safest and most important nutrients for the body. Citrus fruits are rich sources of vitamin C and it is usually recommended that an adult has about 500mg of vitamin C in a day. Sometimes it is not possible to gain the required amount of Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables alone. We may also miss out on these fruits from our daily diet and for such reasons there are dietary supplements that can fulfill the missing needs of the body. These dietary supplements are rich sources of Vitamin C and can help you to meet the recommended level of nutrients needed by your body.

Nature’s Bounty Ester C is a good dietary supplement containing Vitamin C. It is non-acidic in nature and contains natural Vitamin C metabolites, which are easily absorbed by the body. Vitamin C often has the tendency to turn acidic for many people but in case of Nature’s Bounty Ester C the formulation contains pH neutralizing agents which makes it non-acidic and is thus easy for your digestive system. This is a good supplement for gaining a healthy immune system. It can be taken twice a day after a meal. The product is meant for adult males and females but women who are pregnant or nursing or people undergoing treatment should take care not to take it without medical consultation.

The benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Vitamin C is not a cure for common cold but it has been seen in researches that it can prevent serious complications like lung infections and pneumonia.
  • Vitamin C helps in maintaining a good cardiovascular system and thus reduces the risk of stroke.
  • Vitamin C is the best thing for your skin and skin related problems. It can not only provide you flawless skin but also take care of ageing and wrinkles.
  • It is also good for reducing inflammation according to some studies.
  • Vitamin C is a rich source of antioxidants for the body and can prevent against diseases by building up strong immunity. It protects against infections and helps in maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Having good amounts of Vitamin C can prevent weak bones.
  • Vitamin C is very necessary for formation of collagen, the structural protein found in the connective tissues of our body.
  • It is said that Vitamin C can lower the blood pressure and hypertension.
  • It is also a remedy and precaution against high cholesterol and heart congestion as it helps in the dilation of blood vessels.
  • People who are concerned about weight loss should also take in Vitamin C. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and burn fat. Doctors and dieticians recommend foods rich in Vitamin C for healthy weight loss and losing fat.
  • It has been found that Vitamin C can also help us against lead toxicity by lowering the level of lead that enters our body.