What are protein supplements?

Protein supplements are concentrated proteins that are available in powder forms. Protein supplements come in the form of Casein, Whey or Soy proteins. These are hugely popular among, body builders and strength athletes. Protein shakes form an extensive part of both their post, pre and mid workout sessions. Not only does it give shape and definition to your body and increases muscle mass, it also provides essential energy to the body during workout programs.


When do you need them?

Although daily intake of protein supplements can be useful and beneficiary, there are also some certain situations that demand the need of Protein Supplements:

1. During the growth stages

Protein requirements during the growth and developmental stages in teens are higher compared to adults and children.

2. Starting new workout programs

If you are looking to build muscle mass and is starting out on workouts, your body would require more amount of proteins to cope up with the stress on the muscles.

3. Making your workouts more intense

If you are switching between your workout routines and opting for a more intense and grueling workout schedule, then your body would require more proteins.

4. Injury rehab

An athlete with an injury would require more amounts of protein to heal faster.

5. Switching over to being a Vegan

Meat, fish and eggs are major protein sources and going vegan means that you would need to supply your body with protein to meets its daily requirements from other sources. Protein supplements then become useful.


How to Use them?

Finding out about the right amount of protein you need daily is essential. Generally, protein requirement varies among different age groups and with athletes of different sports. Consult with your nutritionist or dietician and make a proper chart for your daily intake. Protein supplements works best if taken throughout the day as a meal replacement or a snack. Avoid using protein supplements post workout. You need Carbs to fuel your workouts and aid in post workout recovery.

Benefits of using Protein supplements

Among the numerous benefits of Protein supplements, some are as follows:

  1. They help you gain muscle fast and increases your strength.
  2. Using whey proteins can reduce your hunger levels and thus allowing you to control your diet.
  3. Intake of protein supplements results in an improved immune system.
  4. Reduce your body stress levels by a huge amount using Protein supplements.
  5. Casein proteins are reserves for energy. They give energy boosts and are thus helpful to cope with workout stress.


Controlled intake of Protein supplements can do wonders!

Controlled dosage of protein supplements and regular intake can do wonders to your physique and will help you stay active and look fit. However over dosage of such supplements may have some adverse effects, thus before taking supplements one should consult a registered physician or seek help from an experienced trainer. A healthy and balanced diet is also important along with these supplements.