Menopause is a natural and common issue in a woman’s life; technically it is the stage in a woman’s life when her usual monthly period has been stopped and reached to an end. At this stage several complications, including physical and mental, can be occurred, which need to be addressed with proper care and sincerity. It could also be noted that before the actual stage of menopause; there might be some noticeable complications, which is known as perimenopause. There is no specific age of reaching menopause and it is found that it can be happened at an age ranging from as early as 40 to as late as 60. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a doctor, whenever there are any irregularities in period system. Some women are also experiencing this state of affairs due to surgical reason e. g. in case of removal of ovaries, affected by endometriosis.

Menopause – Signs


  • The experience of menopause often varies from case to case or specifically in woman to woman, while the symptoms are also different in nature.


  • The fluctuating levels of two female hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, which are found in ovaries, are the general symptoms in menopause.


  • The changing pattern of menstrual period is the primary sign of approaching towards menopause. The period might be in irregular interval, heavier or lighter, longer or shorter, all of which could be the symptoms of menopause after a certain age. Along with these, night sweating, hot flashing and sleep disorder can be happened.


  • Apart from these, there might be changes in concentration, difficulties in keeping memory intact, sexual changes, issues with urinary problems, along with, problems like joint aches, dryness of skin and bone loss can be found.

Menopause Symptoms – Treatment


  • The first and foremost thing to be done is to consult a doctor about the problems and regarding options of treatment. In the event of perimenopause; doctors usually prescribe birth control medicines to regulate the unpredictable and unusual period and also for reducing the hot flashes. Some anti depression and blood pressure controlling medicines are being used by the medical practitioners, along with, suggestions of regular exercising, avoidance of stress and control of body weight, which are normally found as common factors.


  • Sleep disorder or absence of normal sleep could be a point of worry; therefore, improvement in sleep routine would be a serious issue that needs to be addressed with specific medication and other support activities like regular exercise, yoga and quitting of smoking etc. to restore the regular sleep habit.


  • The vaginal lubricating or estrogen cream, moisturizer and tablets can help in avoiding the dryness and discomfort at this region to certain comfort level.


  • Phytoestrogens, akin to Estrozgen compounds in some vegetables and herbs, might also be helpful in alleviating certain menopause symptoms. But this could be practiced strictly in consultation with the doctor because some medicines might be reacted adversely with these ingredients.


  • To prevent potential bone loss; the controversial hormone therapy is being considered by some doctors, which is risky for increasing the chances of breast cancer, heart ailment and strokes. Therefore, this should be tried only in case of an emergency and obviously in consultation with qualified and experienced doctors.