Nowadays not only girls but the males are also taking tips for making their nails and hands strong and attractive to make themselves smart to womenfolk. If the nails are not looking great it could be understood that there might be some deficiency in nutrition and needs a proper attention to this problem.

Today, people are more and more conscious about the general health and especially about the get up and external beauty. The beauty gadgets and service are now a billion dollar business and spread over almost all countries.

If anybody is experiencing nails that fragment or split simply, without any external force, his/her liver most likely wants some help to repair some sort of damages because it is the most important organ that is filtering everything and usually overburdened most of the time. People often asked a nutritionist about how their nails could be make strong and beautiful, here are some tips for healthy and beautiful nails.

Some essential Solutions for healthy and beautiful nails!

1. Get Milk Thistle : It can be taken either in capsule or liquid form.  It is available at most health food stores and could be taken as per the prescribed dose as the packaging of different brands in diverse mode. Milk thistle is an influential herb, which is well acknowledged for detoxifying and redeveloping the liver. There are usually no identified side effects; this is completely natural and harmless. This could be taken minimum 3 weeks and the improvements can be observed in the nail quality.

2.  Consume whole grains e.g. millet, oats, spelt, kamut etc.

3. Seeds like pumpkin, sesame, chia and ground flax can be eaten.

4. One has to avoid “junk” food and refined items like pasta, breads and white rice and also alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, which have the potential to affect the liver most.

5. All sorts of natural cleaning and personal care products are to be used to get proper care of nails. One has to take proper care to keep away from chemicals and toxins from being absorbed and breathe-in into the body. These toxic products will put burden on liver, making it work truly hard to clean out all the chemicals, absorbed by us.

6. Eat plenty of Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, Brussels, sprouts, broccoli and lots of leafy and green vegetables, which provide potential ingredient to keep the liver from becoming overburdened.

7. People can also decide on for additional support by taking a zinc supplement in either a citrate or picolinate form 15mg – 30mg or as prescribed by a nutritionist. Especially, Zinc is not only good for our nails but its’ also great for skin, acne, stretch marks and for boosting immune system.

8. A sea vegetable like Nori is also a very good food for an overall health support, including nails.

9. Antibiotic and hormone can be taken only if they are free or certified organic chicken and meat.

10.1 tablespoon of flax oil each day or a teaspoon of high value, professional grade fish oil can be consumed.