First sign of teenage, but the reality is it can strike at any age. Though it is very common among the teenagers but it can also happen with the women going through the menopause. Acne generally occurs during the time of hormonal imbalance i.e., when oil is produced more by the glands than usual, the pores in the skin gets clogged due to which the pimple and the bacteria grow.


Acne generally occurs in different forms and depths i.e., blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and cysts. With long research, to banish these trouble marks it has been pointed towards topical medications as Benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics like tetracycline including oral medicine with vitamin A like isotretinoin for medium to severe acne issues.


Some also believes in homemade or natural remedies. But everyone has a question in mind does it actually work? If yes, then which are considered the best and most effective among all?Here are the Top Vitamins And Minerals To Treat Acne

Some vital minerals and vitamins

Vitamin A

According to university of Michigan oral supplements don’t work the same as topical vitamin A. This supplements cautions against the supplements as it can harm more than good. As this vitamin is fat soluble so it builds up in the body and a large amount of 10,000 IU can be toxic. It is very dangerous for the pregnant women. As a tropical medication vitamin A can help reducing acne. Most of the topical medications chemically transform the vitamin into a retinoid which you can then use in skin. Retinoids are regarded to be the most effectual acne treatment because of the ability to heal and regenerate the skin faster, so that you have fresh skin quickly.         

Important Caution

Pregnant / expecting women should not consume retinoids. As it also weakens the skin’s UV protection, so one should take good care by avoiding long exposure in the sun and definitely use sunscreen.


Like vitamin A, Zinc also helps in healing acne and it can also be taken as a supplement or as a tropical medication. Zinc prevents in producing oil in the body and helps protecting against inflammation and bacterial infection. It is said that mg of zinc can help treat acne. One can be ill by taking more amount of zinc.

Myths and truths

We many a times hear of people giving suggestions on what to use and what not for acne, but the actual truth is the results vary from person to person. Homemade remedies are useful but are said to be time consuming but the results are long lasting. Some ingredients like gram flour are very useful and important natural remedies. It is said to use some gram flour with turmeric that can do wonders. As the gram flour helps reduce the oil secretion in the skin with turmeric preventing bacterial formation.


Tea tree oil is also one of the best agents to deal the acne issues; it is a good alternate to benzoyl peroxide. It has same effects as benzoyl peroxide like fighting bacteria and decreasing the oil production. Tea tree has fewer side effects.