Want to look fabulous everyday even after the age of thirty? Then here are some most effective ways to stay young and healthy. Exercise, eat healthy, de-stress, not so hard right? Try these amazing and completely natural age erasers to boost your energy and stay fit. Getting older can also be fun; you don’t have to worry about the wrinkles and the jiggly thighs anymore. These ways below will help you keep yourself healthy and young.

Give yourself a break!

Nowadays stress causes physical changes in the body and thus leads to aging. Some medicines have harmful side effects on your physical and emotional health. The most efficient way to deal with this problem is to meditate every day, regularly for 10-20 minutes.

Increase fat consumption

Consume the fats that are of the healthy kind that is Omega 3 fatty acids (found in seeds, salmon and walnuts). They help prevent visible signs of aging by reducing inflammation in the body, stabilize your mood and maintain bone strength. Omega-3s also boost the ability of the body's enzymes to pull fat out of storage like from your hips, and use it as energy. Omega-3s make your skin radiant and keeps it healthy.


Not only does regular exercise help you tone muscles, lose weight, build healthier bones, and boost your mood, it can also help you to think clearly.

Feel the love

The ability to embrace life fuels the immune system, improves cardiovascular health and boosts self-esteem. Passion in bed can be essentially beneficial: Loving touches let loose hormones, together with oxytocin that lessens anxiety and stress.

Red wine sometimes!

A person who took red wine which consisted of a substance that is found in the skin of grapes is a high-fat diet supplemented with resveratrol, has longer average lifespan than those not given the supplement. According to some studies resveratrol noticeably reduced the risk of liver problems and diabetes that lead to a significant decline in obesity-related deaths. But here's the interesting part: One would have to drink 180 bottles of red wine a day to get the same benefits as the resveratrol, says some experts.

Experts are working hard to improve the potency of resveratrol in order to create a new pill that would contain as much possible amount of the substance in them. Nowadays researchers are saying that there's plenty of evidence that a little red wine can offset a huge amount of health problems. It is also said to diminish brain damage caused by stroke by as much as 40 percent.

Have green tea

This is considered to be one of the best ways to keep you healthy. Green tea was found to reduce the risk of breast cancer and put off remissions, and at present it is being assessed as a way to help prevent and lung, bladder, and colorectal cancer recurrence. It's also an effective weight-management agent because it appears to increase your metabolism rate. Alzheimer's disease can be prevented by consuming this as has been found in recent research. Drinking at least one cup green tea a day can help keep your brain sharp as you get older.