As on the one hand, a section of the population is working very hard to lose weight and look fit, on the other hand, with the conventional notion of a good physique now being the tight sculpted abs, is working out and trying to look heavy and strong. Weight gainers have gained popularity over the years and it is used by men and women alike.

Weight gainers for men      

For men who regularly work out, weight gainers are a must. They help meet your calorie requirements while you work out. Weight gainers have a whole lot of calories per shake so you don’t need to keep eating high calorie food before and after workout. Weight gaining shakes and powders come with unsaturated fat. This does not settle in your body and make you plump, rather they help boost your energy levels and gain weight faster.


There is a variety of weight gainers available for people who workout. You can either resort to weight gainers that are specifically consumed as meal replacements or those that are taken along with meals to boost calorie intake. It has to be kept in mind that the composition and content of these powders are designed for a wide variety of requirements. For example, if you are consuming the weight gainer immediately before or after working out, choose a drink with more carbohydrate content. Your body will need the energy provided by the carbohydrate at this time. Make use of the calories you take during this time of the day will burn down in the process of metabolism. It is necessary to get your mass and body building goals reviewed before you seek to choose a weight gainer for yourself.


Weight gainers are available from 400 to 900 calories and there is a great difference in this range. You should choose your weight gainer in accordance to your physique and also be careful if you are susceptible to indigestion. If you choose your power shake wisely, you might get to do away with protein shakes or other creatine or glutamine shakes that you might be taking; as most weight gainers come with creatine or glutamine proportions. Weight gainers not only help you build a muscular body but also strengthen your body post workout.

Weight Gainers for Women

Not all women attempt to workout or gain weight but those who have a body mass index less than 18.5 must. Carbohydrate powders are best weight gainers for women, as they do not contain fat. High glycemic carbohydrate supplements containing dextrose, maltodextrin and glucose, as they are more easily digestible. Some women don’t gain weight even if they eat in sufficient quantities. Certain weight gainers help you get a fit body and they can be consumed along with regular meals. Women who gym regularly or those who don’t have time to focus on a balanced diet due to their busy schedules can consume certain weight gaining shakes that are adequate meal alternatives.


To ease the trouble you take to gain weight and look good and fit, there are a range of weight gaining health drinks and meal supplements to your aid. However, it must be remembered that these should always be consumed in proper consultation with your gym instructor or physician.