Your breakfast is the first and the most important meal of your day. What you eat for breakfast influences how you feel for the rest of the day. The key is to choose energy-enhancing, healthy foods.

Here are some tips to make the most of your breakfast options and enjoy a healthy life:

1. Aim for at least 5 grams of fiber

Your body needs 15-25 grams of fiber per 1000 calories. Without a good start on your daily fiber intake, you’re unlikely to reach recommended amount. You can get those five grams in just a few bites with a large, raw apple, ½ cup of high-fiber cereal, ½ cup of blackberries or whole grain bread. Fiber is quite filling with no extra calories.

2. Drink Green Tea

Apart from its heart-protecting benefits, green tea has some weight-loss benefits. One study found that it appeared to raise the rate at which you burn calories and helped speed the rate at which your body uses fat. It might be a good idea to replace your regular tea for green tea.

3. Drink Orange Juice

The vitamin C in orange juice not only boosts your immunity, it also helps improve your cholesterol levels. One study found that drinking three glasses of orange juice a day for four weeks raised levels of HDL (good cholesterol) by 21 percent. For best result, try to make it a calcium-fortified juice.

4. Eat organic Eggs

They may be a little more expensive than regular eggs, but they are much higher in all-important omega-3 fatty acids, shown to benefit everything from your mental health (reducing risk of depression) to your heart health (reducing risk of atherosclerosis). So if you like eggs, it is better to go for the organic variety.

5. Flax it Up

Apart from fish and organic eggs, flax seeds are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. They are beneficial for the overall health of your body and mind. To make the most of this wonder food, sprinkle a teaspoon of ground flaxseeds over your cereals, in your yogurt, in smoothie or over your eggs.

6. Sneak Greens in your diet

You can add healthy greens to your breakfast menu to make the most of your diet. Add asparagus to poached eggs or throw in some spinach in an omelet. In addition to their many vitamins and minerals, adding magnesium-rich foods such as dark leafy greens to your diet can help you sleep better.

Choosing the right meals for breakfast can help you feel lively and energetic for the rest of the day. Make sure you eat right to stay fit and healthy.